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LPG Conversions

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We are able to provide an effective LPG conversion which has many advantages, both financial and environmental.

We are highly experienced in carrying out LPG conversions to all vehicles and have been offering this service to our customers for many years. We pride ourselves on carrying out these conversions to a very high standard to ensure that future problems are not encountered and offer a 24 month warranty to all our customers who have a conversion carried out by us.
What Is It?
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane and butane. When used as a vehicle fuel it is often referred to as autogas. The simple chemical make up of the gases ensures that they are clean burning.
Where does it come from?
LPG is produced as a by-product in both the extraction and refining stages of oil production. In the past it has been considered waste and flared off. It is particularly abundant in the North Sea's wet crude oil.
Through running on LPG, our customers manage to save in a variety of ways.
  • Financial:
    • -Reduced fuel costs (typically half)
    • -Reduced road tax (VED)
    • Opportunity for some vehicles to become exempt from the London Congestion Charge
  • Environmental:
    • -Contribute to a cleaner local environment (local air quality) through lower harmful emissions
    • -Reduce carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to unleaded petrol or diesel.
We offer a free courtesy whilst your vehicle has this service carried out
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